Fantastic Fest 2011

Just about every movie I saw this year was good...only two I wish I could unsee...but in an effort to come up with a more manageable list, these are the movies that were good enough that I'd go see again:

A Boy and His Samurai
A strong contender for my favorite film of the Festival. I also suggest hunting down two of his earlier movies; "Fish Story" and "Golden Slumber".

A strong second film from the writer/director of Time Crimes, another excellent one. It's about an alien invasion, but not. Vigalondo described it as Spielberg's "War of the Worlds", but if the movie had followed Tom Cruise's wife instead.

You Said What
The original title was "Help, I'm in the Film Industry", which I think is better. It's a pretty standard formula romantic comedy, but with a heavy layer of movie nerdery to make it fresh. Plus, it's a romantic comedy inspired by Takashi Miike's Audition.

Yellow Sea
Did you like "The Chaser"? Then you'll like this one, too. Plus, it's got an honest-to-god car chase in it!

Sleep Tight
A really great slow burn thriller.

You're Next
This one should be coming out in theaters sometime next year. A breath of fresh air to the survival horror genre.